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What You Need To Know About Section 404 Permits

November 11, 2013

This quick preview of our upcoming live webinar, “What You Need To Know About Section 404 Permits” introduces discussion about how the federal application is evaluated. This information is the heart of the webinar, because it explains what the review agency expects. While certain information is required of every application, recognize that each proposed project is different and must describe its purpose and proposed methods of construction. Discussion emphasizes the applicant’s efforts and description of designing the project to avoid and minimize placement of dredge or fill material within Waters of the United States.

Water Distribution Rehabilitation Technologies

February 5, 2013

Water distribution rehabilitation is an urgent infrastructure problem and will be on the agenda of utilities, local governments, and industries for many years. Based on national studies, a large gap exists between current expenditures on water main rehabilitation and the investment levels needed to sustain system integrity. Watch this 10-minute preview and learn how utilities engage in sophisticated studies to allocate their scarce capital, and how large-scale manufacturing and construction industries compete for the business in the pipeline market. Topics will include new types of materials and assessment technologies, along with information technologies such as GIS drive innovation.

What You Need to Know About Vacuum Sewers

October 18, 2012

This is a preview of our full on-demand webinar, "What You Need to Know About Vacuum Sewers." Sanitary sewer systems may come in many alternative forms and each form has their own advantages and disadvantages. This 10-minute webinar examines the issues of vacuum sewers and explains to the listener details of the process, identifies equipment components, and design aspects required to develop a cost effective design.