Advantages Of Water Reuse

Lily Nicolas
January 14, 2013 — 910 views  
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For the entire world, as well as for India, water seems to be the talking point. Gallons of water are used every day, for domestic, commercial, agriculture. On the other hand plenty of rainwater seems to run off without being utilised properly. The demand for water never seems to cease, because of the increasing population and different other social based reasons. It has been estimated that by 2024, people will be using more than 40% of the present resources like it is being used in the present day scenario.

Even though solutions are being thought of, water reuse is becoming one of the most talked about points of discussion in the entire world, mostly in the third world countries. The concept of water reuse is lucrative enough because of certain advantages, which will surely give better results.

If we plan to conserve the existing water resources for a long term, then the concept of reuse also has to be implemented for a long term. When people use the water, the existing resources are not required to be used in large quantities.

  • For every construction work or building up of a new home, tapping of the water in the ground is sought. Cities are supplied with water from rivers or from seas. To quench the needs of the city residents, governing bodies are tapping in ground water or sea water with increasing interest. But, such usage can be cut to a great extent, if the reuse fundamentals are brought into force. Water supply for various purposes in the city limits can be done from utilising the wastewater or reusing the water which has gone into the ground by some form of treatment.
  • Desalination is another resource to treat the water which has become salty when it goes into the sea. Since most of the drainage systems built in the city are taking water into the seas, one of the advantages of water reuse would be to set up desalination units in different parts of the cities to come up with fresh water, which can be used for different purposes. This is one of the most talked about aspects of water treatment, which is being discussed at high levels, to conserve water, and is being seen as a potential solution to the water scarcity problem in India.

Wastewater treatment is helpful in generating gallons of water in the country. In fact, this is one of the most common ways by which water reuse can be given shape and a real step can be taken towards solving India water crisis. Reusing wastewater can be done by means of setting up machineries, where water can be chemically and mechanically treated, so that it can be utilised for agricultural, cleaning and other purposes.

The steps must be taken for water reuse soonest, by means of desalination, wastewater treatment, or any other means, to lower water, which is another important need of the current scenario. Water supply is never going to stop because India water will have enough resources which can mitigate the decrease in supply of water in the coming years.

Lily Nicolas

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