Effectively Handle Water Utility Auditing

May 2, 2012 — 1,044 views  
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Managing a water audit can require extensive time and effort, so you can benefit from a few simple tips that may make this process easier.

There are several steps involved in water utility auditing, including recording the amount of water delivered to metered and unmetered users, monitoring total water loss and figuring out ways to eliminate leaks.

Take the time to plan ahead for the audit, because doing so may reduce the amount of resources you will spend completing the study. Consider the length of the study period, and make sure you handle evaluations according to a regular schedule.

Additionally, completing a preliminary audit and a follow-up study provides you with a viable method to measure your audit results. Reviewing past surveys is an effective way to map out the process and help guarantee accurate conclusions.

Be sure to conduct a full evaluation of the audit immediately after completion. Doing so gives you the chance to identify and correct problems, allowing you to eliminate water loss. This should be completed after the first and follow-up audits, because it can help you see if the course of action you took was the best option.